Helpdesk Application

The Assignment

To develop a web based application that would integrate with an existing email system.  The system would need to display emails sent to a specific email inbox.  IT users would log into the system, pick up the emails and create virtual "tickets" that would be used to track progress as the IT users work on the issues raised by the email sender.

The Solution

The solution developed integrates into Microsoft Exchange (the client's chosen email server) and displays emails received to the helpdesk email inbox.  Tickets can then be raised and categorised according to configured categories and assigned to IT users.  The application can be granted permissions to insert events into the calendar of IT users so that they will be reminded about tickets that have been assigned to them.  It uses a custom developed authentication server to identify the logged-in user.

The solutions is also responsive so that it can be accessed on a range of screen sizes.

The solutions was developed using a combination of Angular JS and .NET Web API (RESTful APIs).