The Requirement

TweedFiend is a highly professional SME based in the North East that already has a good presence on e-commerce platforms such as Etsy.  The products they make are highly professional tweed items and the only area of their online presence that was letting them down was their website, which they had tried to develop themselves in Wix.

They desired a more professional website that they would be happy to send clients to.

The Solution

A new design was created that instantly conveys a contemporary look and feel.  The client's input was invaluable in this project providing a mood board of textures and colours and high quality photographs that could be adapted for the new website environment.

The online store was created using Shopify so that the client can manage their own stock through the Shopify interface without ever needing to access the back-end of their website.

Parallax scrolling was hand-coded to give a 3D impression as the user scrolls through the site, and a floating menu that appears as the user scrolls up, but then disappears as the user scrolls down was created to provide a really sleek operation.